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                 Domestic Legal Services
Mr. Terry is there to help in either terminating parental rights of an absent natural parent or preparing the necessary consent forms in order that an adoption may be finalized in a legal and timely manner. Tony Terry can assist you in helping form a legal family relationship.

Child Custody

Mr. Terry has tried child custody cases for over 35 years. The law in the State of Nevada declares that a Court’s responsibility is to issue a custody order that is in the best interest of the child.  If you are a concerned parent and feel you should have custody of your child, contact Tony Terry's office and find out how he can assist you.



Mr. Terry has tried thousands of divorces in the State of Nevada.  When Tony Terry represents you on a divorce case, you know that you are not alone.  He will fight for you, support you, and provide the advice that you need to be able to see the case to the end.


Being a parent is a special right and privilege.  If you have a child born outside of a marriage and want to establish your parental rights to that child or obtain a legal custody order, contact Tony Terry today and find out how he can help. 

Protection Orders
Whether you are a victim or an alleged perpetrator in a T.P.O. hearing, you need competent counsel.  In a T.P.O. hearing the Court can grant possession of property, require rent and/or support payments, limit contact with children as well as grant any other order the Court deems necessary under an emergency situation. Tony Terry has the experience that you need to ensure that you can appear at your T.P.O. hearing prepared and confident.

Wills and Trusts
Do you have the proper legal documents to efficiently distribute your estate after you pass on?  Who will decide if you are to be left on life support if a tragedy occurs?  Now is the time to consider these things. Call Tony Terry's office to find out how he can help you make these decision.

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